The Carriage Place Dental Centre offers some exciting treatment options that are not necessarily available at every dental office.  For example, we are one of only three offices in Fredericton that make beautiful porcelain crowns in one appointment using cutting edge CEREC computer imaging and milling technology.  This means no gooey impression material in the mouth, no annoying temporary crowns, and most importantly, no waiting for a second appointment two weeks down the road for your crown!

 We simply prepare your tooth for the crown and then image it with a streaming video camera (instead of taking an impression).  We also image the opposing teeth and your bite, and the amazing CEREC software can then stitch it all together and come up with a proposal for the crown.  We can modify the proposal however we want on the computer to fine tune the contours, biting forces, etc.  We then send this information to the in-house milling machine, which mills the crown in about 10 minutes! The porcelain crown requires processing in a special oven for about 30 minutes to strengthen it, and then we bond it to your tooth.  The entire procedure takes about two hours, and about half of that is down time from the patient’s point of view (while the crown is milling and baking), so you are free to read, relax, surf the internet, or watch TV while you wait for your crown!  Too easy!

Another scenario where the CEREC technology really shines is the situation where a large piece of tooth or filling has broken off.  Previously, the two options were to place a really big filling (which fills the hole but does not restore the strength of the tooth), or to cut down the tooth and place a crown (which restores the strength but is more invasive and expensive).  The CEREC technology allows us to image the broken tooth and design a custom restoration (called an onlay) that will fit right into the broken area without having to extensively prepare the whole tooth for a crown.  The onlay can be bonded right into the tooth and restore it to its normal strength.  It is less expensive and more conservative than a crown, but has the same longevity as a crown.  Hooray for technology!!!