Another popular treatment performed at the Carriage Place Dental Centre is the smile makeover.  Many people have concerns about discoloured or dark teeth; crowded teeth; gaps between the teeth; or worn, chipped teeth.  The appearance of your front teeth can be dramatically improved with bonded porcelain restorations.

A series of three appointments is required:  at the first appointment, we gather all the information we need to assess your situation and come up with a treatment plan (upper and lower impressions, a record of your bite, digital pictures of your teeth, etc.).  Once you have agreed to the plan, a wax up of your ideal smile is created on models of your teeth.

At the second appointment, we prepare your teeth for the porcelain restorations and take an impression.  We then fabricate temporary restorations based on the ideal wax up, so you leave with beautiful white, straight teeth!  The great part about the temporary restorations is that they act as a “test drive” for the real thing—if there is anything you would like changed about the look of your new smile, it is easy to modify the temporaries to make the teeth longer, shorter, squarer, rounder, etc.  Once we have them looking just the way you want them, we can then fabricate the definitive porcelain restorations.

At the third appointment, we remove the temporary restorations and try in the permanent ones.  They are then bonded into place one at a time to ensure a perfect smile!  As easy as one, two, three!