Non surgical gum dentistry

What is Non-Surgical Gum Dentistry?

No matter how well a person cares for their teeth, gum disease may still prevail. Often painless and very gradual in its development, gum disease is still a grave issue that can call for combative treatment. Once a thorough periodontal screening is executed and uncovers the presence of gum disease, our dental practitioners are Carriage Place Dental Centre, in Fredericton, may advise the patient to undergo non‑surgical gum therapy.

Three of the most often used non-surgical gum therapy include localized medication, curettage, and root-planing. All of these treatments are available at Carriage Place Dental Centre, and local anesthesia can be given to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Options

Localized medication: After the area of plaque accumulation and bacteria has been identified below the gum, medication can be directly administered to these areas as the initial step to helping you become gum disease-free!

Curettage: When you suffer from gum disease, signs of chronic irritation and inflammation can be seen in the tissue around your tooth. Curettage is a procedure where we will remove infected gum tissue, allowing new and healthy gum tissue to grow.

Root-Planning: In some cases, the surface of your tooth’s root can be affected by gum disease. Root-planning is a procedure where we remove and smooth small amounts of diseased tissue to allow your soft tissue a chance to heal and grow.

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